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DiamondDiva wrote a review about Choctaw Durant in Durant, OK

Poker Room Best Part

Why is it all the rooms I like are in the middle of nowhere?

Choctaw's poker room is awesome. The WSOP Circuit comes here for a reason - it's a great place to play. The staff in the room does a great job upholding that. Had a dealer hiccup here or there but overall they take care of the room well and it's a great place to play. For the dailys, you can roll up bonus chips for play - though that could be a little more generous.

I did stay an extra day and it's an odd mix of really good and really bad players. I guess with everyone rolling up from Texas you're going to have that happen.

But the worst part was the food and drink. I didn't like most of the food options - either not that good or too expensive and the drinks are blah and cost too much as well. That was disappointing. So if you're looking to get your drink on, this place isn't it.

But overall, it's a great place to play. Not very smoky in the casino and the room looks great.

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