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Acesup wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Great Place to Play

I love this room it's closed off from the rest of the casino. Doesn't have the usuall slot machine jingles bombarding your senses. Also great views of the girls comming in from the carnival court. There an amazing two ways to find the time without asking and there are tv's to catch sports action every where you look.

There was a good mix of players. There wasn't the huge amount of sucking out that you find at Sahara or Excalibur. Some loose players and some local rocks. Toughest game was the kill game that they had one night.

Best dealers on the strip in my opinion. They were all very personable and friendly always thanked the players for playing. Didn't see many mistakes there was only mass confusion once when two people in a row missed blinds.

Seemed like there was always a dedicated waitress to the poker room drinks were never empty long. There was also food service available.

The frindliest management I've run into in Vegas. I played there several times and was always thanked for playing and politley greeted. I think the boards to see the lists are great.

Don't know of any didn't ask.

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