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MichMadDog wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Very Friendly Poker Room

The room was in excellent condition, well maintained, and set up apart from the rest of the casino. It seemed welcoming, yet not stuffy

From what I could tell the players (on a weekday morning) seemed to be visitors whose skill levels were a mixed bag. I played the $1/2 no limit and found the players, as a whole, not as tough as the downtown $1/2 games, although I lost at Harrah's and won at the Plaza, Golden Nugget and Binion's, so "easy" and "tough" are relative terms, and no guarantee of outcome. One young player was very aggressive and lucky; for example, with 4-5os he called a pre-flop raise, as well as a bet on the flop of K-J-4. Of course the turn was another 4. A middle aged lady called my $80 all-in raise on the turn with a double gutshot straight draw (yes, she hit it). The other players tended to be young, tight, and basically solid. On earlier visits I found that the competition varied consideraboy according to time; fairly soft in the late afternoon and early evening, tougher in the early morning (about 4:00), with dealers palying after finishing their shifts

The dealers seemed friendly and competent; no memorable incidents

I wasn't drinking, so I didn't notice much about the waitresses, except that I don't recall any extended periods without them stopping by, nor do I recall any grousing from the players.

They did a very good job of running the tournament and keeping things running smoothly in the ring games

I seem to recall that there were various high hand jackpots at a visit four months ago (which I found out about only after betting opponents out of the pot when I had a royal flush draw), but this time I think they just had a win-a-jacket promo for the person with the highest hand of the day. This was locked up at my table when a young lady rivered a royal (fortunately, I was just a spectator on the hand).

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