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MichMadDog wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Very good value

It isn't opulent by any stretch, but it is a separate room, fairly comfortable, with a sufficient supply a televisions and poker art

The editor's review is right on. The "Breakfast Club" is pretty much solid, but a bit predictable, regulars, while the evening has more tourists of varying abilities and the afternoon is mixed. I had great success (see my trip report of 1/25/09=1/29/09), not so much because the competition was soft but because I was on the right side of a few "cooler" hands

The dealers knew what they were doing. I can't remember any screw ups to speak of, but they were generally friendly and professional

If you're looking for scantily clad hotties, this isn't the place, but the waitresses were attentive, coming around frequently and returning promptly with the right beverage, a smile, and gratitude for the tip

Management seemed competent and friendly. When I played, there were not any crowds, and there were open seats, so I don't know how they handle a crowd, but I was satisfied

There were high hand jackpots and a "points" competition of some kind--I think it was for good tournament fisinishes over the month--financed by a $1.00 per hand rake. The high hand payoffs were smaller than most so I think part of the rake went to pay for the "points" competition, making this a bonanza for the local frequent players at a modest cost to the tourists, but it was no big deal. On the plus side, the "Breakfast Club" promo pays $10 per hour, up to three hours, for play between 8:00 and noon, redeemable over the next 24 hours at the rate of $10 per hour (up to 30)for the time played on the return engagement. If the return is during "Breakfast Club" hours, you're not only getting the $10 earned the day before, but racking up new credits for the next day, in addition to the $1 per hout Total rewards comp of all Harrah's properties.

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