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metatron wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Worth a stop if you're looking for an easy buck.

Small and a tad aged. I've seen worse, but there was a lot to be desired.

Perhaps one of the most beatable games in Vegas. I'm sure the only smart players who play here are locals looking to drain the tourists of their money.

No serious mechanical errors. Pretty standard. Good people, just a tad on the slower side.

Rare trips, slow service. The drinks were fine, but their selection was limited and the waitresses weren't much to look at.

Good people running the room. One time a guy called a clock on someone during a $200 decision after giving him 15 seconds. Management came over and told him he has more time to decide. I really liked that. Let the guy think about it a minute! Other than that, I thought they managed the room well.

You get your Total Rewards credit, but I was there the night they canceled practically all their promotions. Kinda necessary considering the limited traffic, but still disappointing.

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