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CharlieWest wrote a review about Horseshoe Baltimore in Baltimore, MD

Clean Room, Decent Action

The room itself is very visually appealing with great lighting and classic WSOP photos of some of the greats. Plenty of TVs around playing a decent variety. The tables themselves are getting a bit worn and the USB ports don't always work - but they do HAVE USB ports and I take that as a perk. The casino also has wifi that is reliable.

Comps are great at the Horseshoe. I don't play much but get a 4x multiplier each month, which equals about $4/hour at the poker tables.

Competition - the 3/6 limit tables are very loose. I think if you have more than a couple hours on your hands to ride out the suck outs, a solid player can do very well there. The 1/3 limit tables are also loose, but very aggressive. You'll need to be prepared for bring ins from $10-15. The patrons are decent folk for the most part with a few exceptions, mostly folks who've tilted and/or had too much to drink but that's commonplace.

Dealers - I have found the dealers to be friendly and competent. They call the players by name, engage in friendly banter, and for the most part keep the action moving.

Food and Drink - Like the other folks have noted, beverage and food service can be very slow and is VERY expensive. A california roll that would cost you $4-5 bucks almost anywhere else is more than twice that there. On the upside, if you like to have a beer while you play, I recommend going downstairs to Heavy Seas, where you can get 2-for-1 drafts for $5 happy hour. You can, of course, go to the Royal Farms across the street but it's not the best part of town to walk around at night.

Management - I have to say that I've never had more than a neutral experience with management at this casino. They are a bit gruff and dismissive when you ask a question. On the other hand, they seem to be more friendly with the regulars.

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