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donkeykong wrote a review about Horseshoe Baltimore in Baltimore, MD

Not MD Live!

These other reviews must have been written by Horseshoe employees. While the room is brand new, the service leaves something to be desired. The dealers seem inexperienced and the food service (while not great at MD Live) is TERRIBLE at Horseshoe. Order when you will be hungry in an hour and a half and then don't expect utensils. I ended up having to leave the table and search them out after waitress refused to get them for me. Made due with a fork and spoon from the chinese place to eat my pancakes (pancakes themselves were excellent). Probably a better option to just leave the table to eat. The current system involves the waitresses having to pick up your food from the specific place you order when it is done. While playing there on three different occasions, I witnessed several serious disputes, one which shut down a 2/5 table for over 40 minutes (they had to go back and look at the tape, which was inconclusive). Others involved what I saw as clear and easy calls by supervisors but were hashed out like full on hearings, using other players at the tables as witnesses, and they had conflicting stories. Also, there was talk of people stealing chips from players going to use the bathroom. Those have been "inconclusive" on the camera as well so nothing was done to rectify the situation (this is hearsay). Reality is that action has been solid over at MD Live and the Horseshoe is struggling to fill tables. Usually there are a few tables of 1/3 and 2/5 at Horseshoe (under 10) and consistently 30-50 at MD Live. One reason for this could be that the Horseshoe takes an extra dollar in rake every hand ($7 with bad beat vs. MD Live $6 rake). Michael Phelps was hosting a Tuesday game there but isn't around anymore due to the DUI he got leaving there a few weeks ago (someone call that man a limo). I will say that the place has potential. If the dealers get seasoned, they fix the service, and they bring in some big tournaments that people like (playing my first tourney there tomorrow) I think we'll see an upswing once MD Live's promotions die down a bit or Horseshoe is able to match $1000 high hands every hour and a Mercedes a week (literally what MD Live is giving away to poker players in addition to huge bad beat and mini bad beats). I do like the action 1/3 brings at Horseshoe compared to 1/2 at MD Live. Plays slightly bigger.

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