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dryzzle wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

lively game and fast

Can't say I didn't like the pace and the action at the room, if it is a room.... Definitely a lively mix of tourists and grinders. The only off putting part was the dealers. Three of the five we had were non stop talking throughout the action to the regs. And not the normal banter, we are talking the really lame "you know Jessica i partied with her last night, ACTIONS ON YOU SIR. Yeah so anyway we got hammered...."

Realized one was calling out fish for the regs to realize who was weak and I used it to my advantage. Reraised the flop and turn on two different hands, had nothing, same older man folded and was mad. Both times he stared me down, dealer no longer rushing the action and silent. Reg calls my hand out and folds, and both times the dealer said "good fold, no bluffs"

Second time when the dealer said good fold I revelead my insane bluff and got up off that tourist trap. Long live the miserable dealers and coffee clutching regs. Now to a better poker room.

Room and people were good but dealers here could give a @#$% tbh

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