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mactionY2K5 wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Met the Very High Expectations I Had...

By far the most comfortable room to play at in Las Vegas. Very spacious between tables...easy to move around. Plasma tv's, comfortable chairs, music nearby...Fantastic! However, some of the older players weren't too thrilled with the music coming from the bar nearby. Apparently, the bar plays loud music between the hours of 4pm and 3am when there is dancing on the bar...Kind of a Hard Rock-twist for a poker room. When there wasn't bar-top dancing going on, you could barely hear the music...

Seemed to be a lot of inexperienced players in the game. There were some tougher players, but overall, easy.

This was a tough one to judge... I could tell that some of the dealers were fresh out of school, but knew the game from being a poker player... They knew of a lot of the rules from around town, but still weren't too familiar with theirs. As far as personality goes, they were A+. Had to lower the grade a bit due to some confusion about their rules...

Very fast, and seemed to be several of them on staff... I'm not going to give them the highest grade yet, since I believe there won't be a full staff like this every night... Who knows...could be wrong about that...

Just like the dealers: very friendly. Seemed to be having issues with the new technology. Several of them were walking around running chips for the new players seated... Should be top notch once they get the hang of that whole computer waiting list...

Good comps for play...$1 an hour, and you could use those dollars to eat right at the table. Rumors of a high hand/bad beat jackpot of some sorts in the near future, but seemed like they were more interested in making it through their opening week/month first...

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