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Jim the Cat wrote a review about Mirage in Las Vegas, NV

Not the best in Vegas.. not even close

This room was average at best. As another couple of reviewers have mentioned, it took quite a while to speak with a Floor person to find out where we were on the list - we called ahead and hoped to have a seat when we arrived. When I finally did speak with a floor person, I lucked out, and a brand new 6/12 game was opening. I didn't have to wait for chips, as she offered to grab chips for me as I was sitting down. Our table was right next to a 3/6 game, with lots of rowdy drunks, which got on our nerves a little bit, but we weren't exactly at the high roller table ourselves, so I let that one slide.

Very average mix of players - a few good players, and a few bad players. As always, players in Vegas think they are a lot better than they are. I saw the expected amount of pre-flop raises and players in the hand. A few ultra agressive players who would make several early raises, only to dump their hands at the turn, which at times, allowed some very marginal hands to take down some decent sized pots. There was no kill in this game, which was disappointing, but the action made most of the pots big enough to not really worry about that. Lots of speculative betting, which helped to increase pots when I actually had the goods! One dealer flopped quads twice in one down - very impressive, but nobody else really seemed to care.

Dealers were VERY selective in who they interacted with at the table. From the male dealers, the female players were given pretty much undivided attention. Two dealers in my roughly 8 hours at the table actually looked at players mucked cards and commented on what their should have done. One of the dealers even instructed a player, in the small blind, with the action folded to him "to just chop, because that's what people do here." Ummmm, right. Ok, Mr. Dealer, how about you go back to dealing school and re-take the lesson where they tell you NOT to try to influence the action. Only one or two mis-deals in 8 hours, and only a couple of dealers exposed cards. Many of the dealers were older, and a few seemed pretty unhappy to be there, even though my tourist-heavy table was tipping 1-2 bucks per hand, almost without fail, even in split pots!

Cocktail service was very efficient. A couple times, I was brought a new drink before I had even finished my first! I asked for a cup holder because I didn't want to spill, but they wouldn't give me one - just told me to keep my drink on the table.. oh well, I didn't spill, so no big deal. Waitresses looked pretty good, but there weren't any knockouts. Their looks were very average, but they were all very polite, appreciative of tips, and seemed eager to help. Unlimited Sugar Free Red Bull was a plus, but I stopped at 4 because I didn't want my heart to stop.

Didn't really see much of management. An interaction with them, which took quite a while at the beginning, was friendly. One of the "higher ups" was actually working the cage when I cashed out, he was very friendly, wished me a good night, and said he looked forward to seeing me again. Whatever.

No clue. In 8 hours at the table, no mention of comps by any player or dealer. I didn't ask, didn't really care - it was late and I had already eaten, so the free drinks were more than adequate.

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