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The "Truth" about Muckleshoot Poker vs. Fortune Poker

Reviews on PokerAtlas regarding Fortune Poker vs. Muckleshoot.

Reviews stating people go to Fortune to avoid "smoke" no less than 80% of the Muckleshoot 3/5 Regs are smokers.

The chip management at Fortune is not tight as at Muckleshoot. Facial Recognition, Players Cards, +2.5K cash outs tracked via/player card and drivers license. If you want to move cash or not be tracked Fortune is your place.

Promotions $250 every 15 minutes pro's and con's if you are playing in a 1/3, 3/5, or 20/40 game you are supplementing the high hand promotions for Fortune Poker .... 15 tables (3) tables 3/5 2 20/40 tables.. 4 1/3 tables.... "6" 4/8 8/16 limit tables that most hands go to the river w/regular "lets say groups of players" going for the high hands.

Muckleshoot - promotions need some translation... but they do have a minimum amount of rake back via hours. The same goes for the 1/3 and 3/5 games supplementing the high promotions.

Muckleshoot - Management (short of the actual Poker Room Manager) are an indignant group of people that "have" given up on trying to make a difference in how the room is ran. They understand that they can't fight the machine. It's just a fact... They could do it with a smile or apologize but honestly the casino as a whole does not care.

Fortune - Management - They listen to player concerns, start games, promote a fun gambling environment and run the place like a family business. *Downside - regs, grinders, and teams operate with inpunity... that's not to say this doesn't happen at Muckleshoot it just doesn't go as far as family in most cases.

Dealers - Muckleshoot has good dealers, great dealers, and dealers that just don't care. The best dealers are working the day shift since the room changed location thus the "other" dealers are working the night and evening games in general.

Dealers - Fortune Poker have some very "fast" dealers that are very versed in limit holdem dealing. The dealers at Fortune mostly do not need or care to be pleasant to non reg or familiar players (seems odd) They tend to call out f-bomb like mother Teresa, and betting line violations.... angles are more frequent at Fortune.

Fortune Poker - Hand Dealt Coolers vs. Shuffle Master (frequent) or more prevalent than at Muckleshoot ; most likely due to Fortune dealers being much more experienced in general. That being said there are probably 6 to 8 dealers at Muckleshoot who can really "handle" cards in a very slick fashion.

Food - Drinks - Waitstaff - Fortune Poker is 100% better in all ways.

Security - Muckleshoot has a large security staff and well lit parking area.

Security - Fortune has limited parking and limited are invisible security... no bag checks coming. Things could happen in this situation but also at Muckleshoot. Fortune seems a ripe zone for crime to occur "but" it does not so there are mitigating factors protecting the players in this location. (not visible but known)

In the end Muckleshoot 3/5 crew left for Fortune because of oversight at Muckleshoot. The games are nearly identical (players) as at Muckleshoot. The management bent over backwards for this crew for years and they just up and left and blamed it on smoke.
"More like no smoke and mirrors are not working anymore" so they changed location.

It would be remiss to not mention the 1-$300 betting structure with 1-2K stacks in a 3/5 game. If you are playing at a 9 handed table with "card removal" for 6-7 players it becomes a great situation for the regs. The games are what they are and if you want to take your chances come down and gamble in Auburn or in Renton either way just remember you are a Poker Player not a customer at store. You get to play as a guest that pays to sit in a chair and play by the rules the house puts in place you are not obligated to anything from either location.

Oh.. and for all the Fortune Shill's leaving fake reviews on Poker Atlas regarding Muckleshoot Poker Room and Fortune Poker.. You fine sir's are as transparent as an open window.

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