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aeropanther wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

Very reggy room for NLH (cash games and tournaments).

Not a good place to play NL Hold'em poker, not at least on weekdays.


80% of players are regulars and slow play each other, while trying to stack fish (me?).
When I don't put chips on the table, the action is either everyone folds preflop and the blinds chop, or everyone limps and checks through the river, and someone "honestly" wins a small pot (players are probably colluding not to bet so one of them could get high hands bonus from the casino and then they share all the money outside). But when I put chips on the table, usually I get re-raised and then one more person with a short stack goes all in OOP. Then I have to fold, and the initial raiser also folds. Typical suckout practice which happened to me multiple times. When I am in CO or D, everyone folds to me and blinds also fold to a minraise or to a bet if I limp. Better action on weekends as more tourists/recs come in.

In addition to collusion, this poker room is know for anemic action:
On a weekday, 1-2 tables of 1/3NL with a long wait time.
On a weekend, maybe 2-3 tables of 1/3 NL and 1 table of 3/5.

Conclusion: their high hands promotion and player camaraderie kills the game. Other nearby poker rooms offer better games.


Weekday tournaments have a field of 50+, and its a pity they discontinued their Saturday evening one, which always had 150+ crowd of more diverse players. Like in cash games, 80% of players in weekday tournaments are regulars, and they play either lose passive style (40%), very nitty (30%), honorably tight aggressive (15%) and very few (5%) play lose aggressive style. In earlier stages of these tournaments when the stacks are deep, preflop it usually goes: limp-limp-limp-raise-call-call-call - reraise- and the entire table calls the 3bet, multiway pots happen every hand up until stacks become shallow in later levels when the shovefest begins, and players begin to fold preflop.

I made it to the final table a few times at this establishment and every time there was a chop. Probably it is because the same people make it to the final table and chopping is expected practice. Also, if there is "on of them" at the final table short stacked and is at risk to be the bubble boy, they will persuade the floor manager to include the bubble boy in the winner category. If the shortest stack is not "one of them" then no such attempts are made. If you are the only one who disagrees, then the entire table colludes against you. It means, they will not go all-in against each other, but will wait for you to shove and will call you with just the premium hands, or they wait for you to blind out. This happened to me several times.

Your results are posted on hedon mob which is good if you want to brag and evidence for your winnings, bad if you want to be discrete about your earnings, but you can opt out.

Conclusion: weekday tournaments are a reg-fest, Muck has the highest concentration of colluders ever comparing to Tulalip, Red Dragon. Fortune does not have enough tournaments running to compare. Monthly bigger events are better.

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