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Atribute4u wrote a review about Orange City in Orange City, FL

Worth the almost 2 hour drive everytime

I usually only show up for the Thursday night double stack $100 buy in tournaments. The first night I went and there were only 11-13 entries. But the atmosphere and staff made it worth the trip. I placed 1st in that (huge victory I So, I came back the following Thursday thinning that it would be a larger field... and I don't think we broke more than 35 total entries, so again another small turn out but it was by far a genuinely great time. Riding my lucky streak I took 1st in this tournament as well and also started to get to know some regular players and dealers. Ive enjoyed both those tournaments more than ive enjoyed cashing out in others for 3 times the amount I did here. I Play to win, but a close 2nd in NY requirements for a room is a sound ethical and fair tournament. From director on down, I've been more impressed with their professionalism then in any other room I've played in around the country. This past radio station tournament was amazing and the card room handled the 200 plus entries just as easily as it handled the 11-12 entry tournament I mentioned earlier. (I'll brag on myself a bit again and say that I managed to squeak out a 4th place cash which for a $65 buy in netted a 10x my buy in payout. The charity that the add ons went to that particular tournament is an amazing organization. 1 that had it not been for this tournament, I never would have heard of. Please do inquire about it when you come in. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to promote groups directly on here so I'll err on the side of caution. Just look up the $65 WARR 101.1 Radio tournament on 5-6-2021 and see for yourself. OVERALL BEST CARDROOM AROUND! I live in Melbourne about 5 minutes from another card room. I choose the drive everytime. Thanks guys! See you soon

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could be great

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