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soonerprices wrote a review about O'Sheas in Las Vegas, NV

Strip Poker is Awesome

OK it's not in the Poker room but O'Shea's offers strip poker. It's not in a back room somewhere. They don't even charge an extra fee. NO! It's poker right on the strip. Well right next to the strip. I love this for reasons I will discuss later. But I really like the view while I play poker here. You get a good shot of Caesar's, lot,s of people walking up and down the sidewalk, and you can tell when the sun comes up. I don't think anybody else offers this and it gives O'Shea's something unique.

If I want to make some fast money at night or early in the morning (especially early in the morning) this is where I play. The drunks walk in sit don and say here you go take it from me. And I usually do. There are others who do the same that are very good players and they will give some good poker but the drunks will give you some good money to free with.

I have had great dealers here and then bad ones too. I think they use some dealers who deal at places like Harrah's. They also use washed cards from Harrah's too.

I usually play in the morning like at 5 am. This is really not a good time to get an idea of the waitresses. I have heard that in the evenings this places in hopping so I sure the CW are in full force then.

These guys are very friendly. Onetime right before I got there someone hit quads and they gave everyone a shirt. I was there when it happened but had shown up by the time the manager showed up with the shirts. The dealer tried to tell the guy I wasn't playing when the quads were hit but he gave me a shirt anyway.

Have never got a comp here. I don't even know if they exist at the poker tables.

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