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Hatetheriver wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC

Nothing special; has potential.

Been playing here for awhile now and I wouldn’t rate it as a great room. A few terrible dealers that make me wonder how they have jobs. Some are great! Pit boss are overall good from my experience but they don’t enforce English only in hands, many times I’ve had shady/poor etiquette from Asian players that border-lined collusion but nothing happens. Some dealers will even exchange words in different languages. The rake is sky high and laughable. Drinks are pricey and food is okay, but the servers are very sweet. Smoke free but players come back to the table smelling like pot and smokes all the time, not to mention the rotten teeth breath from some people. It takes longer to cash out and in than most places; probably due to all the money laundering that happens in Vancouver. It’s annoying but understandable. A wall in between the bar area would be nice as it gets very loud sometimes. Waits can be long, especially nights and weekends, but that’s standard. The players range in skill, most are regs but not wizards. Couple rich soft fish that you hope for but lots of regular nits playing ABC poker. Some win and cash out then recycle. Only a couple guys that seem to crush often that I try to avoid.

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seangill wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC


Just a horribly run room. 30 on the wait list for 2/5 and the supervisors won't open a game. They say "you are lucky... Read More