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yellowman7474 wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC

Parq poker room

It's a shame. The Parq poker room has the potential to be one of the best poker rooms in the world but the management or whoever is in charge of making decisions have no idea what there doing. Firstly the rake. At 15 dollars per hand this makes the game almost unbeatable for the average reg. If you do the math a regular playing 80 to 100 hours a month will pay 42k a year in rake. Secondly why are tables ten handed? This makes no sense at all. The house is making less rake and as casino owners you want people to wait so they could possibly play the more profitable pit games. Games are slower and very uncomfortable for players. It gets so uncomfortable at times you can smell what the guy next to you ate for lunch. And lastly the managers. Not all of them are terrible at their jobs but not to name names but if you are that unhappy at your job get a new one!

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seangill wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC


Just a horribly run room. 30 on the wait list for 2/5 and the supervisors won't open a game. They say "you are lucky... Read More