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Luckbox41 wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC

Poor Administration - Need more tables.

Aesthetically speaking it's the nicest room in B.C, practically speaking it's quite bad.

The Good:
The room looks nice, friendly staff and they're accommodating.
Downtown Vancouver, great location and brings in lots of traffic

The Bad:
Lots of great staff, however there's a few bad ones who make the room worse overall by being lazy.

The worst:
Impossible to get a seat. They have 8 tables, 5 of which are dedicated to $1/$3, 2 for PLO, and only 1 for $2/5. On a weekend you're going to average a 3 hour wait to get a $1/3 seat, and you will not get a seat at $2/5 if you don't arrive before 2:00PM. The proper distribution should be 4 $1/$3, 2 PLO, and 2 $2/5

The waitlist is horribly mismanaged. Since they have such few tables, on a weekend where the wait list gets absurdly long (over 100+ people) By the time a seat opens, most people have left already, however the pit still has to page them and give them 6 minutes to show up. If 10 people are no longer at the casino (which happens often) It can take over an hour to fill a seat at a table.

The room is not scaled to accommodate the demand. They have more than enough players willing to play, but this quickly stops when they aren't able to get a seat. At Grand Villa you are able to get a seat at any game within an hour most days, however their room is much worse aside from this so it leaves you with a frustrating dilemma. The only solution is to expand and add more tables

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seangill wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC


Just a horribly run room. 30 on the wait list for 2/5 and the supervisors won't open a game. They say "you are lucky... Read More