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ArchAngel wrote a review about Parq Vancouver in Vancouver, BC


Maybe with stricter money laundering rules, the big dip from casino table games management will clue into the fact poker players bring in steady Rake plus food and beverage revenues. Treat poker players better.

Ridiculous Parq Not Running Poker as of Sept 5th

If Parq can run Table games and Roulette with tons of people with one inch separation around the roulette wheel there is no reasonable reason to not have Poker running.

If Parq can have Full Baccarat tables you can run Poker. Yup Ridiculous.

You can fly to Vegas get comps free drinks no long wait lists better game selection. Flying to Vegas on a Friday evening is quicker versus the Parq's wait list sometimes six plus hours.

The Good.

The games on weekends & event days, e.g. Canucks NHL, Concerts and Football Games, are good.

Free Parking if you have Players Encore Card.

Ok Food & Drinks expensive compared to rest of Vancouver restaurants and Bars. Market place has some daily specials.

Downtown location.

Casino lost money overall due to building debt payments makes about $20 million profit on revenues from the casino but debt repayments bring them into the red.

In 2018 Parq lost $108 million management blamed stricter money laundering rules and enforcement.

That's good and Paragon sold out to PBC Group group.

The Bad.

Some dealers are OK a lot of new ones still learning.

There have instances of player dealer collusion.

Some dealers have been fired for collusion.

Two of the tightest regulars in the world that just take from the game mostly from PLO.

You would think regular players would clue in and not give these two action since they only take from the game and them. LOL

Limited 11 tables this is due to a combination of the casino wanting more baccarat tables & city imposed limit on total number of slots & tables.

High Rake more rake is not better makes $1-3 hard to beat unless it's playing big. Only about two 2-5 games capped buy in at $1,200.

Poker players treated like second class citizens vs casino players. No F&B or Hotel Comps. Slow or no service during peak times from serving staff.

Some Pit Boss's will make bad decisions pretty much all the time.

Your chips can be swiped by others off the table & it's never the casinos responsibility the casino probably won't help you.

They @#$% off Drake would not let him cash in wanted proof of Cash and demanded he wire them money instead of taking his cash LOL.

Drake claimed racial profiling and I believe him.

Too bad Drake was not an Asian on their VIP list with a letter from his Bank in Beijing. LOL

Drake made them look stupid on social media.

Really long wait lists 4+ hours Thursday to Sundays mostly due to small number of tables.

Staffing at the tables and Pit floor management is skewed needs more diversity. BCLC allows them to do whatever player issues or complaints sent to the Pit Boss by BCLC which is ridiculous.


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