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AlaskaGal wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

Great Room!

Chairs were comfortable, the room is nice, decor is nice. TV's in the poker room don't have cable yet but they said they will have it soon. Overall I liked the feel of the room.

Most players were pretty easy. A few tough players mixed in. I would say the players were similar to what you would find at most of the strip properties.

Dealers were pretty good and friendly. I only saw one misdeal. Dealer exposed a card but gave the player another card right away rather than moving on to the next person. When I pointed it out, he called it a misdeal.

Cocktails were pretty fast. I ordered a hot chocolate once it was like sludge. They must have used 4 times too much mix. I ended up throwing it away. But the Bloody Mary's were great!

I thought management was good for the most part. 2 things I would do differently, when a new player walks up, I would not act as if I was too busy to help. This happened several times when I came in. If I were behind the desk and I was in the middle of something, I would just welcome the person and tell the I would be right with them.

The other thing is I would offer the cash game players the first spots in the tournament. I was in the cash game and they didn't announce they were taking sign ups for the 7pm tournament, when I went up to the desk to ask when they were going to start, I was told they already started and they only had one seat left. I mentioned that I didn't even hear an announcement. The gentelman told me they didn't make one. I would probably offer sign up to players currently sitting in the cash game at 5:00 then open the registration to walk ins at 6:00. This would encourage people to play in the cash game too.

I didn't notice if they were offering comps for play in the poker room. I did ask if they had a poker rate and they said no. I wish they did because I really like the poker room and I would stay there and play there almost exclusively if they offered a good rate.

They did have high hand jackpots for quads, straigh flushes, and royal flushes.

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luksuk wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV


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