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AlaskaGal wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

I Still Love This Room

Quality of the room is down a bit just because I liked the space it was in before. The only downside to the other space was the horrible "music" coming from the Extra bar. Now you can smell cigarette smoke in the current roped off space. Smokers will stop and watch from the other side of the ropes and the smoke can get pretty bad depending on which table you are at. The tables that are up against the main walkway are worse than the other side of the room.

Competition is still pretty soft.

Good dealers there. Some are better than others. Bad: I had one that didn't question what may have been an angleshoot. Good: Then I had one dealer that announce to me he heard another player in the hand say he had a set (in the middle of the hand) then scolded the player for possible collusion.

I would say the majority of the dealers I encountered there were awesome. 2 of them I would give a below average rating, 1 due to attitude and 1 because he didn't question a player when he miscalled his hand at showdown which caused the other player to muck.

Lisa is the best cocktail waitress there.

Management is always helpful and organized.

I wish they had a poker rate, they don't give comps for hours played. They do have a jackpot for high hands and they are giving away a really cool black and red Harley that would match my hair!

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luksuk wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV


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