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vanloon wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

Poker+Jager= hangover :)

ONe of the better looking rooms in Vegas. The tables and chairs stand apart from anything like a room that size. It was noisey from the outside live music. Feels like more of a party than a boring poker room. (lots of Jager served there)

Same as in most places. Drunk tourists, known locals and degererate gamblers needing to find next months rent.
Overall, a good vibe and crowd of people to sit next to for hours on end. Seen a guy asked to leave for constant cussing and poking at a new player and dealer.

Funny group. Didn't see any mistakes but they look like theyre having more fun than the usual group of poker dealers from anywhere. they're a bit more bland in Reno.

Drink tasted fine but the girls were nothing to write home about. A little SLOWer than other places and I notice they don;t serve Red Bull anywhere in the Hollywood. (no real jager bombs)

Tournament was fun and well run and the guy at the counter remembered my name from two days before. Manager came by one tabel and insisted we to do Jager shots!

Never asked but I assume that due to everything else, can't be bad.
Mirage and Hollywood are my top two picks.

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luksuk wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV


The PH Poker room should be renamed a Poker Area instead. Poker at PH can be found in a roped off area of the casino... Read More