Poker Tables:
31 Tables
Open Now (10:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
Swiper214 wrote a review about Shuffle 214 in Dallas, TX

Brand new room is nice

This new place JUST OPENED 3 days ago and I've played there all 3 days. It's a really nice room and the staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable. Some really good dealers and some that could use a little seasoning, but all in all it's been a great experience so far. Not sure why some of these other reviewers are complaining, it's a brand new room so of course they are only gonna have a couple of games going until they build a player base. They have had 3 or 4 games going every time i've been there. They have a tourney going right now with 3 full tables. Would definitely recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Shuffle 214

March 100k
We're bringing DFW a big tournament experience again in March for a $130 ($100+ $30) buy-in with $100,000 Guaranteed.

Flight 1A – Wednesday, March 13th at 11am
Flight 1B – Wednesday March 13th at 6pm
Flight 1C – Thursday, March 14th at 11am
Flight 1D – Thursday, March 14th at 6pm
Flight 1E –Friday, March 15th at 11am
Flight 1F –Friday, March 15th at 6pm
Flight 1G- Saturday, March 16th at 11am
Flight 1H – Saturday, March 16th at 6pm
Day 2 – Sunday, March 17th at 1pm

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Retired2017 wrote a review about Shuffle 214 in Dallas, TX


Didn't like the players or donkey fest tourney last 4 times I've been there. They show a lot of favoritism to certain... Read More

  • There's not a single review on our Poker Atlas page from a member of the staff. Anonymously posted slander like yours...