Poker Tables:
31 Tables
Open Now (11:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
KCalbow0850 wrote a review about Shuffle 214 in Dallas, TX

New and Biggest poker room in Texas

This place is where you'll want to bring your poker face starting at the end of May 21'
Established Austin room expanding into DFW. Grateful!
Just off NW Highway, it allows players to stay out of downtown Dallas and that traffic. So location is great. Looks can be deceiving. It's what's on the inside that counts and this place won't disappoint. Shuffle has a bright future in Texas. Players should start to utilize that sooner than later. If you wanna order a bud light and phillycheesesteak at the table while your playing cards, Winstar exists. IF you real poker, professional atmosphere, and room that looks out for their players. Come make yourself at home, Shuffle 214 will be the best poker in TX by the end of this year! Seems they are just getting started!!! Goodluck & see ya there!

Food and Drink

Announcements from Shuffle 214

Shuffle 214 brings the best value in DFW with great tournament structures and the best price in town for cash games.

5k Freerolls

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6pm

Zero dollar entry for 5k in chips | 5k on time bonus | 10k optional for $15 staff | $25 RBs for 10k in chips | $50 add-on for 40k or $100 add-on for 100k after registration closes

100k Summer Kickoff

We're going to bring DFW a big prizepool and big tournament experience at a bankroll friendly price. $130 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed prize pool No Limit Hold-em with 30 minute levels May 10th - May14th.

Flight 1A: Wednesday, May 10th at 11am
Flight 1B: Wednesday, May 10th a5 6pm
Flight 1C: Thursday, May 11th at 11am
Flight 1D: Thursday, May 11th at 6pm
Flight 1E: Friday, May 12th at 11am
Flight 1F: Friday, May 12th at 6pm
Flight 1G: Saturday, May 13th at 11am
Flight 1H: Saturday, May 13th at 6pm
Restart: Sunday, May 14th at 1pm

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Stevo45 wrote a review about Shuffle 214 in Dallas, TX

Stevo 305

Dealers seem to be well trained and staff is rather polite. Very professional and very fun. Great value and love the... Read More