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31 Tables
Closed (10:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
coldest1 wrote a review about Shuffle 214 in Dallas, TX

No match the stack! Nothing but 1-2

Most of the dealers are great but I don't think they will stick around. A few have already left. They will not let you buy in for more than 300 on 1-2. Which ok, but when there are 4 stacks of 2-4K on the 1 table of regulars you have to play super tight and then just get lucky to catch a flop that they have a part of. They can call every pre flop bet you make unless you're going all in with your preflop best and hoping to get a call. But when you raise $35 preflop in a 1-2 game and your get 4-5 callers every hand, you better hit your flop or 74o is gonna catch 2 pair on you or flop a straight on you and when you make a push semi bluff or make a C bet your throwing away your money even with Aa kk qq or AK. Cause you missed. And if you hit they will just catch you on the next one with their trash hands. Too large of stacks to play without being able to have enough behind to give them reason to pause because you either don't or barely have even 10% of their stacks. Plus if I'm just this bad of a player? Why DON'T you want more of my money on the table? Your such a better player than I am, what are you scared of? Why not convert these games to 2-5 or 5-10? Or even 1-2-5?

I don't care about the hourly fees. People have to pay bills! Second it always cost money to make money.

Cage girls are nice.

There is a reason some of the biggest games on YouTube filmed in texas are filmed here in dallas. There is plenty of money and now there are more and more places to play here. I'm not sure this room is gonna make it. I REALLY WANTED IT TO SUCCEED.

I have played here several times a week since they opened hoping it was gonna grow and more people and bigger games would get started and this room had a chance to be a top room. Just having bigger games available on this site here doesn't mean it's gonna happen. When y'all had the high hand week y'all actually got 2-3 tables a night going. I just don't think the owners or managers have the ability to adapt or funding to bring in the players. TCH is crusing. And now Poker House is having bigger games and more tables and they have been open for a couple weeks.

Area is NOT the problem!! TCH is NOT in a great neighborhood. I've had my truck broke into 8 times in the last 10 years and I work a block away from TCH!

I wish they would get these issues figured out! And they are more than welcome to contact me. But I've said all this while on site. No one is listening.

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Announcements from Shuffle 214

DFW started earning chips for entry to our $25,545 MegaRoll on March 17th. The top 81 qualify to play and we've got a Main Event Seat up top for first place.

*20 hours of play = 5k in chips

*5 tournament entries or $60 add-ons during the freerolls = 5k in chips.

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