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  1. Another Success Story at the MGM

    I have posted reports here in the past. This was my 35th trip to Las Vegas. I have stayed at the MGM my last 4 trips. I almost play ex...
  2. Single Girl Who Played Valentine's Day....

    The best place to play in Las Vegas is at the Wynn!
  3. Where are the 8-16 / 10-20 games?

    I was here in February. There were usually 2 8-16 games going at the Wynn. There were also 2 15-30 games. I returned on Monday, May 01...
  4. 7 Days of Poker at Two Poker Rooms

    We arrived at the Monte Carlo on Monday June 12. My wife doesn't play very much poker. She enjoys the Monte Carlo because everyone is a...
  5. 8 Nights at the MGM

    I was playing a 1-2 NL with a $200 max buy-in. I was in mid position with 2 2. I had about $350. I called. Late position player made ...
  6. 5 Nights of Poker

    Flew into Las Vegas on Tuesday the 16th, and returned home on Sunday the 21st. I live in Ottawa, but am no stranger to Vegas... close to ...

Recent Reviews

Still A Good Room

I like the Excalibur. It's a friendly room. I believe the other MGM properties are 9 handed for their poker games,... Read More

Mixed Opinion

Old looking, but in the traffic area, so it attracts players. It cannot be compared to the other strip rooms in the... Read More

The Place for 1-2NL

This is one of the nicest rooms in Las Vegas. Plenty of space between tables. Located near the front of the casino,... Read More

Best Place for 1-2 NL

Nice room, plenty of space between tables, the player card gets swiped at the table for the comps. There are no high... Read More


Very nice, clean room. Plenty of room between tables, and located right beside the sports book. There are more... Read More

8 Nights of Poker

Very close to a few bars, noisy at night, but also attracts many players. There were up to 12 1-2NL going at once on... Read More

Management 101 Needed!!!

Nice room. Plenty of room between tables. One of the nicest in Las Vegas. I played 1-2 NL. During the evening,... Read More

Excellent Poker Room

very nice, old style room. quiet, close to the sports betting, and plenty of televisions. very welcoming. my wife... Read More