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mhluska wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Bad dealers and management

TLDR: Tired/overworked dealers making mistakes, floor making insane rulings, other staff members trying to power trip occasionally.

I've put in a few hundred hours at this poker room and I keep having awful experiences here. I'm not sure why I keep coming back. Let me start with the most recent one that happened just today:

Middle position raised and I tried to 3-bet but a few players acted out of turn after me. The initial raiser complained and called the floor over. The floor said I am only allowed to call or fold now and it's my fault because I should have prevented the other players from acting out of turn. I had already put out chips past the betting line and he just grabbed them and pulled them back. Why is it my responsibility to control the game? What is the dealer getting paid to do? Why do my choices get reduced to call or fold? That's not poker anymore. If I call, the action will go 5 ways to the flop. So I folded and racked up. The fact that he blamed it on me is just amazing.

Another time I was here, I asked to use my comps and pulled out a pile of players cards from my pocket (I play at most poker rooms in town so I carry a bunch of them). I handed her my MGM card and she said "I noticed you have multiple players cards in there. I'm going to have to see ID from you because you're stealing other players' cards." What the @#$%. This woman was accusing me of a crime and demanding to see my ID like a cop. I obviously said I'm not giving you my ID and the floor told her to give me my players card back.

Another time I was here, I was facing an all in on the turn with a $1K pot and before I could make a move, the spaced out dealer dealt the river card. The river card came the ace of spades giving me the nut flush. They realized I hadn't actually made a move and called the floor over. Floor made them reshuffle the river card and then I lost the $1K pot.

That mistake of dealing the river card without waiting for player action - I've seen other dealers do that in the past too. I actually saw that happen twice in 15 minutes by the same dealer! It's kind of amusing until it happens to you.

I've had tons more @#$% happen at Bellagio but this is already becoming an essay. If you're actually trying to play poker for a profit, maybe it's best to avoid this room. Poker is a stressful enough game without everything that goes on here.

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