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JohnDz wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

I'll take my business elsewhere; thanks for the hint!

Good chairs, but very cramped between chairs.

Two very good players at my table, one gent who felt a live straddle every fifth hand (4/8 game) was the thing to do. This same player would never get in a hand preflop without a raise or re-raise. Unfortunately, I didn't catch many hands, and fewer flops.

The dealers at Mirage are better, and more engaged with the players.

I really don't know, as I brought in my own coffee and water.

This is why I won't be back, ever, for any reason. I was down to $60 in the 4/8, and wanted to do a short buy of $20(and in all the casinos I've played in, a short buy isn't even necessary if you're not down to the felt or at least above minimum buyin). The dealer refused, saying no buys of less than $40 were permitted. I was running bad anyway, so just picked up rather than argue with the dealer. I asked the floorman, and was pompously told, "This is standard in any REAL cardroom, sir." Gee, I guess the folks at Wynn and Mirage are running fake rooms, not to mention my local card rooms, and any tribal casino I've played in for the last five years. I don't have a problem with the policy nearly as much as I did with the attitude and ignorance of other cardroom procedures.

Nonexistent, save for $5 food coupon if you are a hotel guest & play four hours. This will buy you an iced tea at the cafe.

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