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jjmaximum wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

My opinion of this room goes way up

Spacing still a problem, but overall room was comfortable, well-lit and efficient.

Played mostly $5/10NL, but also $10/20NL. Absolutely shocking how bad the players were - they were just gambling, not playing poker. Of all the categories here, this is the most important to me and I will definitely be back. Best room for high limits, replacing the V.

No problems in 4 days of play. Very fast, business-like. If you like talkative, joking types, they are not here.

I didn't use them much, but they were always present. You can order pretty much anything.

This is the reason I stopped going until this trip. They used to be incredibly rude, but I think with the V and Wynn in town town, they have some competition. Overall, very easy to work with.

There are no comps that I know of. They don't scan your card or track your time. I do like the no jackpot drop.

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