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Denise wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV


Yeah, it's big. So what! I can only play one table at a time. This was my first and last trip to Bellagio. Tables are packed together and you almost have to climb out to leave your seat for the bathroom. I felt like I was playing in a warehouse. It was noisy. The lighting was substandard. It felt like an assembly line.

Local rocks sitting in on the 4/8 waiting to fleece tourists. They don't seem to bump heads at all. A couple were downright rude, talking about tourists like they were idiots. The two games I was in had limited action.

Dealers were very good. There seems to be a problem with them saying thank you for a tip. They tap it on the rack and that's it. Guess they get too many and don't want to wear their voices out. No complaints about the dealing other than that.

Wasn't the fastest service I've ever had but I'm not too demanding. The server was pleasant but harried. There were only two servers in the whole room. Not good.

I walked into the room and stood at the podium for a couple minutes and no one even talked to me. I looked over the podium at the written list and a woman rushed over and said, "What are you looking at?" I said, "I just want to see what games are going." She said, "We have everything, what do you want?" It wasn't very customer friendly. I'm told that you can be moved up the list if you are willing to grease their palm. Thanks, but no thanks.

I was told that comps are for the higher limit players. One player told me that it was cheaper to just go buy a sandwhich than have to bribe the Floor for a comp.

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