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joel1968 wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Poker With Attitude...And Attitude Without Reason

For a room which supposedly sets the standard for poker rooms in Las Vegas, why is the room itself in such bad shape? The tables are 10-handed and play crowded, the leather on them is old, the chairs are broken, the room is cold, and on the whole feels like a well-painted, well-upholstered cattle car.

The usual...some rocks, some fish, some maniacs.

The best thing about this room has always been their dealers. They are very good, very efficient, pots right, most have a fun personality

It's ok, considering the obstacle courses they have to walk through in that room.

Management at the Bellagio is not, and I repeat, NOT about taking care of the players. I saw 16 players on the list for 2-5 NL and they still wouldn't open a new table? It took the floormen at the desk 5 minutes for both to decide they wanted to talk to me (they preferred talking to each other). You are the dregs of society unless you are playing high stakes or if you are a whale.

Comps? At the Bellagio? Get serious. If you play mid-stakes for several hours and on a consistant basis, they might comp you a $15 food voucher. Otherwise, you might see the occasional pro in the room.

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