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Clem2754 wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

The more things change the more they stay the same at Bellagio

The room is good. I like the fact that they track hours and made that switch a few years ago. Nice tables and chairs. Only issue with the room is it can be a little tight.

I still think Bellagio offers some of the softest games on the strip. You get the hotel guest who just want to play in the room. The lower max buy-in doesn't draw the tougher players. Pretty easy room if you play 2-5NL.

Dealers are solid at Bellagio. Experienced. Keep the game going. They know what they are doing. No issues here

Cocktails are a bit slow in this room. It seems almost every time I play in the room we almost always have an issue regard cocktails at some point. At least they are attractive.

If you have Bravo, then why are you not using it for the limit games? No wait for 10-20 Limit or 20-40 Limit according to the computer, oh wait we have a list of 5-7 when you check with management. Funny how that works. They should use the computer system. Tournament check-in is like a three ring circus which is one of the reasons why Bellagio's tournaments are dead when WPT's aren't around.

Pretty standard,

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