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Ragaboo wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Worst for Service/Comfort, Best for Players

The room is crowded, with tables packed like sardines. That means that no matter where you're sitting, people are running into your chair just to squeeze by thoroughfares. There's also no good place to relax while you wait for your seat (which usually is a long wait). Easily in the top 5 least-comfortable rooms in Vegas.

The only redeeming factor for Bellagio (and it is, admittedly, a very redeeming factor) is that the players are the juiciest in town -- or at least close to it. Venetian has become a shark tank, but Bellagio players are a blast from 2003. If played well, it's like printing money there.

I've seen neither horrid not amazing dealers there, just meh, OK ones.

No problems, but nothing amazing to report, either.

The TOURNAMENT management is top notch, but this review is for the cash games. The management in the cash-game room is the worst I've seen anywhere in Vegas, no contest. I'll stand at the podium to get on the list for 5 minutes without ever being approached. I've been at the podium before with a guy there, and he was just chatting with some cute girl and completely ignoring me. I've had guys ask for limit tables, and the guy at the podium keeps spouting off the no-limit tables they can play. I've never been told where I am on the list when they put me on it. They've asked to scan my driver's license on numerous visits (I've never had that anywhere else). They've never been nice, they're always rude and act like I'm nothing more than a burden to them. I wish I could rate this a 0.

Ho hum comp rate, but the real kicker is that it's 1) hard to use comps and 2) they make you feel bad for using them. Regarding No. 1, I wanted food service, and they told me that they have no one to take order for that (ever, not just that night). I asked three separate people, and finally someone said that chip runners can take food orders. It took an hour before I could snag one to take my order. I ordered a chili (only $5, but that's what I felt like), and I handed her my players card to use my comps for it. She handed the card back and told me it was only $5, so I shouldn't use my comps. I handed my card back to her and asked her why I wouldn't want to use my comps? I have money on my card, this meal costs money, why wouldn't I use my card, no matter how cheap it was? She gave a disgusted grunt and said that I was making her get approval from management for a $5 bowl of chili. First off, I didn't know that comps needed manager, and second, how is it my fault that your comp system is so screwed up that a $5 comp requires a manager's signature? She finally came back an hour later with my chili. Totally not worth it, just pack a lunch.

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