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grimjack wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Big Room Decent Players

Overall room quality and condition was good. The photos on this site do not do it justice. It is tucked away in what I think used to be the old Circus Maximus venue. Plenty of tables including a raised area for the high roller games.

Another big room that draws a good crowd of locals and semi-pros. I sat at about 4 tables over the 18 hours I logged at Caesars. There were a combination of solid semi-pros who played together on a regular basis at this room and were too dumb not to mention that fact, along with quite a few solid internet players who took pride in identifying their online names and itemizing their numerous online wins. I have had better results (and better cards) at places that have smaller rooms (like the Aladdin) so I don't think I will be back. Most people were rocks. At 1/2 NLHE a $10 raise after a few limpers would get people to fold.

Solid dealers. Few mistakes. But it is what I would expect from a poker room at this type of hotel.

Very slow cocktail service. The room was jam packed, but that is really no excuse. They do offer food service at the table, but it is so overpriced it is ridiculous. You get TGIFriday's style appetizer food at prices way above what you would pay at TGIFriday's.

They put my name on their computerized board and called it when it came up. This is middle of the road service in my mind. Nothing stands out above or below normal here. One knock I have is that I asked what the min/max buy in was at the 1/2 NLHE tables and I was sort of scoffed at. I guess they are trying to be a little more foo foo than what I am used to.

You get a good hourly here of a buck an hour, but the food is so expensive (comps are only good for the poker room menu) its not really worth it. It will take you about 12 hours of play to get the spinich and artichoke dip comped. What a joke. I mean why not give players $25 an hour and just charge $450 for the spinich and artichoke dip? At least then they would have a claim for the best per hour comp in I expect a poker room meal for $5-8 and apetizers for

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