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Xwaters wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Bizzare room featuring strange erdeals, bad waitresses, uptight floor.

The room has a good location next to the sports books, Pure Night club, and the Pussycat Dolls pit. The chairs are comfy, the tables have nice cup holders, and the chips are great. When you walk in though, you see posters of Ali, Sonny Liston, ect.. I don't know why they have a boxer theme inside, kind of unusual I would of suspected more roman empire type.. disappointing!

The tournament and cash games I played featured extremely bad players. Players would call all in with A-4cc preflop, call all ins on the river with Q-Joff with middle pair...ect.. This is one of the only reasons I'd want to come back to Caesars, to see if the fish are aplenty again, though I might of just had a good group of players to play with.

The dealers seemed to lack motivation, often times getting upset with the new players who were there to have a good time and learn. They also seem to have a bond with certain players at the room, making it seem a little to friendly between them.

These have to be the slowest waitress in all Vegas!, They also aren't very much to look at. :( sad face. Also certain players would get drinks brought to them, even when no waitress was there to take orders.. one confessed he was a "favorite" there and that they brought him drinks when nobody else at our table was getting any! This upset me a little because I was pretty thirsty at the moment and had been waiting for at least 30 minutes with no waitress in sight...

The floor men seemed to get a little to uptight about things, uncertain of what to do in situations, and seemed to just not want to be there.

There was no comp given for playing their tournament. They have a total rewards system, and some cash drawings.

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