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AC Trips wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Caesar's New Poker Room is Poker Heaven

This is a brand new room which opened just before Christmas. I stayed at the MGM arrriving 12/30, but I visited Casesar's new year's eve day. The room(actually rooms) is spectacular, and unlike many Vegas poker "rooms" this is a separate dedicated room. You enter thru a long classy looking hallway which opens up into what must be the largest poker room now operating. It's got high ceilings, fancy moulding and wood trim and is in a classic understated style. The tournament room adjoins the main poker room and is even more spectacular than the main room. I'm used to playing at the Borgata in Atlantic City, which is a beautiful poker room, but this is at least equal, and much larger.
The daily tournament structure appear to be the best around. For example the 12 Noon tourney is $80 for 1,500 chips, and one(only)$50 rebuy for an additional 3,000 chips. So most player buy-in for $130 and start with 4,500 in chips. The levels are 40 minutes, longer than any of the other daily tournaments. The 7PM tourney has a $100 buy-in and a similar sturcture.

Although I cashed in 2 other tournaments at the MGM and Luxor I only made it to the 4th level in the one tourney I played at Caesar's. I got short stacked and pushed all in with KQ when I flopped top pair, but got outdrawn by caller with KQ hearts when he hit his flush. Overall players appeared average, with a wide range of experience.

Dealers were very experienced, a couple at my table had dealt in the recent WSOP events.

Although the poker room is beautiful the waitresses are only average by Vegas standards. I don't drink when I play poker so I can't comment on the drinks. I stick with water.

The room's management appears to be equal to the room's appearance. On my 2 visits there I was immediatley greeted by someone at the reception area and asked what type of game I was interested in playing. I didn't play an cash games, but in my one tournament they declared a player's hand immediately dead when he answered a cell phone call while in the hand. The other rooms should follow their lead and help eliminated this annoying, and game slowing, habit.

I rated this as excellent, but must admit I don't know. I did not inquire. Based on the operation of the room, assume they are very good.

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