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Pokershadow wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Definitely top 3 in Vegas.

Best in Vegas. The room is its own room away from the rest of the casino. Not too noisy, no smoke, and very spacious. Several large plasma TV's throughout the room.

Caesar's tends to attract many bad players but with lots of cash. This room is mostly a tourist room. I do recognize some Vegas regulars, but it's not a table full of locals with 1 or 2 tourists like other rooms in town. This room is excellent for the 1-2 and 2-5 no limit players. Sometimes the action is slow, but always tends to heat up eventually.

The everyday dealers are very sharp and consistent and always friendly and informative. Occasionally there may be an average dealer, but overall I enjoy the dealers and the job they do at Caesar's.

Varies. Sometimes very good, sometimes not too good. Not as much eye candy as Venetian or Wynn. However, as far as in comparison to other casinos in Vegas, it's about par.

Very organized and never a list for the most part. Management tends to start new games as soon as possible. The tournament is probably the best conducted in town. Very consistent. The management is up to date about their own room and have even answered my questions about the poker scene in general.

Dollar an hour, and nothing more. The high hands reset at a higher number than most rooms and get up some pretty good numbers for some of the hands. Also, the post tournament second chance drawing tends to get high too. Overall, nothing special on comps but good promotions.

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