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Acehater wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Great place for knowledgeable players

This is a great room. It is away from the noisy slots and smokey casino area. When you walk in this room, you are ready to play poker.

A large room brings lots of people and skill levels. There are plenty of soft seats available even playing nine handed. I always had at least 1-2 skilled players on the table but most thought they knew more than they actually did.
They switched from a 1-2 NL game to a 1-3 NL game while I was there. It is a $100-$500 buy-in. I suggest buying in with the full $500 and take out the weak $100-$200 stacks. I played 4 times at Caesars over the weekend and never cashed out with less than $400 winner.
If you like tournaments they have a good noon tournament. The best thing about it is after players lose in the tourney they try to get it back in the cash game. Play solid poker, win soft money!

Most of the dealers were VERY good and friendly. There is one dealer that freaked me out. He deals very, very slow. He also blinks between each card he throws out. I don't know if this is a nervous tick or some type of OCD, but he doesn't do it in normal conversation. I think he is a robot.

I won't dip into the realm of attractiveness but I felt they were good in getting me drinks. I don't normally alcohol when I play, but they did keep my water and coke full.
They also have a food service guy that has a menu in hand so that you can eat while still beating up the soft competition. My wife had the club and it was HUGE. I had a burger, very tasty.

The room will find you a seat as quick as possible. There are guys walking around with headsets and calling the front desk when a seat is open. The front desk will then call you and you will be escorted to your seat. I really like the way they do this. They also have chip runners near by to bring another rack to the guy you just busted. How sweet is that?

The comps are fine. I forgot to clock out everyday so my comp hours were null and void but no big deal since the tables were kind to me. They have high hand, you just need $10 in the pot. I actually was on the table for a couple of the payouts and heard several others on other table. Try to hit the Club Royal Flush, when I left Monday it was up to $2709.

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