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slasman85 wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Great Room

This was the first time I played in a casino and they were friendly and explained the procedure to me. This was a big room and I felt comfortable the first time I sat down there.

I played the noon tourney several days and the competition was pretty weak and easy to read. I placed third in the second tourney I played. Most players seemed experienced but they played pretty poorly and couldnt lay down a hand when they were beat. I also played some 1-3 NL at the end of my trip and again the fact that most players could not lay down a hand was very profitable for me. Make a value bet and you will get paid off!

For the most part the dealers were friendly and professional. Most would talka with the players and still be able to control the table well. Twice dealers did expose cards and once it had a profound effect on the hand but after playing there for five straight days I thought that wasnt too bad.

The only drinks I ordered were water and that was readily available but they seemed to serve the others players in a timely manner. Not sure on the quality of the drinks.

In the tournaments that I played daily, the management did a fantastic job in keeping the action moving and the players informed. Three times a situation arose as far as the betting or exposed cards and the management stepped in immediately and resolved the issue fairly and decisively and all players involved were satisfied. When I registered for cash games a table was made available quickly and all I had to do was sit down and the action started immediately and the chips were brought to me. For being a first timer in a poker room the whole process was made easy and I felt comfortable as soon as I sat down.

The high hand jackpots were posted on a board and twice while playing there I saw them paid out. The bad news was I did not win them but the good news is one of the winners a calling station and I ended up getting his money on another hand.

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