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Deevo wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Great room...

This room is huge! Tournaments will never shut down normal play here! Comfy chairs, and nice tables with a drink holder. The room is really secluded though right next to the biggest nightclub in Las Vegas. Amazingly, the only noise from the club was through the front and not too disruptive. I'd like to hear the difference with the doors closed.

I rarely get to a game before 2am so everyone at the 3-6 table was drunk or attempting to get that way. These guys would call anything! At one point, I flopped an Ace high diamond flush (I was holding the Ace) and raised all the way through. I was waiting for the guy calling to turn over the King of Diamonds only disappoint him and show him the Ace. What does he turn over? The Q-10 of hearts, of which he paired the Queens on the flop. Yeah, needless to say with play like that I doubled up my hundo buy-in in shortly over an hour.

These guys were all pretty average. The one of the dealers kept telling jokes that were just plain terrible. It's still a bit of interaction though. The worst part is they kept giving me the kill button after my second hand even though we didn't see the hand through to the flop. I'm pretty sure that's the way it works in most rooms but maybe I'm wrong here?! Still doesn't affect the rating though.

The drinks came pretty quickly though there were a few times I had to wave the girl down to get her attention. The only thing keeping this rating from a 5 is the fact that some of the girls have been there since Caesars opened in '67!! Major props to the cocktail servers union at Caesars though...

The computer system is very nice. I couldn't give it a fair rating until I showed up when it is busy and saw how efficiently they put the computer to use. A nice group of people run the room late night though and I'm used to grumpy people in a hurry to get you out of their way so I'll go higher than average.

I wasn't there long enough to find out. A girl did come around and ask for players cards though so it looks as something has been implemented for the room.

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