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therrinn wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Great room, great staff

The room is large, spacious, and completely non-smoking as it is in a seperate enclosed area. It gets a little loud when the club next door is in full swing, but its not too bad. There is a seperate tournament area, a seperate area for SNGs. The tables are hih quality, as are the chairs, and there are plenty

There were some very good tight aggressive players, some good creative loose aggressive players, lots of people who didn't know how to play but had 2-3k sitting behind them (in a 2-5 game). Everyone seemed to have plenty of bankroll behind them.

I played here for 40+ hours and saw maybe 2 or 3 dealer errors that required the floor to come over, and in all those situations the floor handled the situation quickly and fairly. The dealers were all quick and had the mechanics of the game down pat.

The waitresses are super quick, and will bring you pretty much whatever you want, including red bull in a can, expensive alcoholic drinks, good wines, etc. I'd say there was a waitress by our table once every 10 or so minutes

The list management was good, the chip runners were efficient, and the people doing the seat assignments were ok, though sometimes they made mistakes. they were, however, very polite, and did their best to correct mistakes fairly.

If you give them your card, they claim that you get $1 per hour. In actuality, you get a lot more. There is 24 hour table side food service, and if you've been playing for 5 or more hours, they will comp the entire meal. I had several 15 dollar dinners comped despite having earned probably around half that in actual comp dollars. When they bring you the check, just hand the server your total rewards card and they will usually bring it back saying the whole meal had been comped.

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