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AlaskaGal wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

I Loved This Room!

I loved this room. The chairs were very comfortable. The tables were spaced out with plenty of room in between. Bathrooms are right outside the poker room doors.

I played 3/6 limit. I found the competition to be easy. I thought the competition was a little more tough in the $125 tournament.

The dealers were great. I didn't see any mistakes.

Cocktails were brought quickly and correctly. I also ordered food in the room and it was good and reasonably priced. I was there on Valentines Day and one of the waitresses received a singing telegram by a guy dressed like Cupid. It was very funny.

Nice electronic list. I overheard a gentleman yelling at the manager that he was blinded off while he was in a tourney and he didn't think they should have done that - he was late coming back from break. I thought the manager handled the situation perfectly. He politely told him it was his own fault he wasn't back on time and that if he had a problem with it he should have called the floor when it happened - instead of waiting an hour to bring it to his attention.

I think they do $1 per hour. I did ask to get signed up for the players card but they said I would have to go out into the main casino to do it. Out of laziness I didn't want to go out there. I thought they should be able to do it right there in the poker room - like they do at most places I have been to.

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