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Denise wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

It's Big, but Very Dissapointing

The room is big but has the feel of a banquet room, not a poker room. The lighting is poor and resembles hospital lighting. The room is beige and very plain. Chairs were chincy but adequate and the table rails had drink holders in them. Very cheesy. The room entrance is off the Sports Book and is not very inviting to the tourist that isn't specifically looking for the Poker Room. Honestly, I expected much more from Caesars. There is a considerable walk from the parking lot as well. The tournament area has fold-up tournament tables with no shufflers. Guess bigger isn't always better.

The tournament was ALL local rocks. After the tournament I got into a 1/2 No Limit game. There were two players from out of town that were kinda loose and everyone else was set to fleece them. I got no play from anyone else. When they went bust the seats were filled with rocks. There were only a few games there on a Sunday afternoon. There were a couple limit and a couple 1/2 and 5/10 No Limits.

The dealers were not very experienced and it shows to anyone that knows what to look for. In the tournament I didn't see ONE dealer that knew how to perform a poker shuffle. I caught flashes of cards almost everytime between weak shuffles and high pitches from EVERY dealer. I even told a dealer that I was able to see cards that were coming into play and he just shrugged it off and kept bridging the deck. Dealers in the 1/2 game were having a terrible time making change for all the $5 chips that were bet. I appreciate the $3 chips at the Wynn now. The game was very slow. One of the dealers complained about only making $7 a down in the tournament and only dealing a few downs during his shift because of overhiring.

The cocktail waitress was a little puff but made up for in in competence and speed. I don't know how they would do if they were busy.

The time clock was broken for the tournament. The Tournament Director missed the end of the round twice because she wasn't near the podium. I got to slide on my big blind without it going up because of it. The player list was on a screen above the front desk which is not visible from the tables. It is inconvienent to have to get up to see where you are on the list.

The Swing Shift Manager was too busy to talk to me and forgot about seeing me after the Brush told him that I needed to talk with him until I went and asked the Brush again after a few minutes. Guess he forgot being so busy taking care of all six tables.

There is a $1 per hour comp. To get a player's card you have to leave the Poker Room, walk across the casino (good luck finding it), wait in line for several minutes, walk back to the Poker Room and swipe it in. Tournament time doesn't count toward comps. The comp rate is the comp rate with no leeway. I was there for 5 hours (not including the tournament) and was offered $5 toward the Poker Room's limited menu. No thanks.

Also I might add that if you are lucky enough to win $600 or more in the tournament you will have to fill out a W2G Tax Form.

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