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joel1968 wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Large, Comfortable, and Catering to All

The room is quite large, with a separate and equally large room in the back just for tourneys. The tables are in good shape with cupholders, fresh felt, etc. Upscale but at the same time comfortable. I would suggest repairing and possibly replacing the chairs, however. The seats themselves are fine, but some are hard to move, probably due to overuse.

How hard could it be? I've been playing 2-5 and 5-10 NL and I won about $5000 my first week playing there. I am an average player, just for the record.

Very good dealers. Lots of personality, very few misdeals, fast and efficient. Swede, Cathy, Han, Brett, Laura, Sherrianne, Lisa, Paul...there are so many. The only dud in the lot is Joan. She can deal pretty well, but her people skills are at best lacking and at worst nonexistant.

Most of them are pretty nice, but it does seem like they take longer than normal. I've heard it said that they don't have a service bar close by, so that may be the problem.

Great managers and hostesses. I had problems with a particular player (and so did EVERYONE else), and after explaining what my issues were, the day shift manager had him removed from the room permanently. They make efforts to take care of their players. They make some bad decisions occasionally, but on the whole make every effort to be fare to all and do what they can to satisfy the players. The girls at the desk are so sweet and very efficient. All I have to do now is walk in and they tell me, "Joel, you're seat is waiting" or "Joel, you're first on the list".

The usual $1 an hour on your Total Rewards card.

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