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IronSheik wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Management Great but Issues

Played at the legendary Caesar's Palace. Had some great things about it and some serious disappointment.

The one that really chapped me was the dealers. I found them to be somewhat arrogant. It's not their job to give advice - especially after a hand - but it happened. You just can't do that. Maybe he was some hotshot but it's not acceptable.

The players there take themselves way too seriously. It's just not FUN in there. The play level was good but if you're looking for a social place to play, this isn't it.

On the other side, the management and the tourneys are outstanding. These guys have a little bit of a bad hand right now because of the players/traffic in there but they do are some of the best in the business. Great tourney structures (like you usually get at a WSOP property) are always there. And the people running the room do everything they can to pep it up and are great to the players.

So don't hesitate going there - just be aware of some of the room flaws so you aren't disappointed. The guys working there deserve your business.

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