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jimhova wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

My new favorite.

I personally like the decor. Very classy with wood accents. Excellent lighting over all tables. Extra-large padded rails and only 9 players to a table which I love being an extra-large man. I was out for March Madness this year and wish I'd stayed here. Chairs were very comfortable. There is very little noise in this room which is such a relief after the likes of Bally's, etc. Restrooms are right next to the entrance. I love the structure of the cash games: 1-3 NL with a 500 cap and 2-5 unlimited. Saw Moneymaker playing 2-5 one afternoon. Also, the cashier at the cage was the sweetest and friendliest I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

I guess I would call myself an "advanced intermediate" when it comes to poker. I felt that overall the competition was a bit tougher than I've seen at MGM or Stratosphere for example but not as tough as at Venetian. I only remember one player the five days I was there who I felt had a definite advantage over me. Most players at most strip rooms are not very good so you just have to bluff a lot less and value-bet strong hands like crazy. This worked just fine at Caesars.

Dealers were personable and skillful. I don't remember any bad ones.

I don't drink alcohol when I play so can't comment on that. Coffee drinks and hot chocolate were brought in large foam cups so I was happy. I don't care if my water comes from Fiji or a hose out back and so was happy with their bottled water. Waitresses were pleasant but not super quick.

Floor personnel were very attentive, respectful and efficient. They made me feel like I was in my home card room.

Standard Caesars comps and jackpots. A buck an hour comps. Two drawings per day for cash. I couldn't care less. They should have poker room rates like Aria and Wynn.

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