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Bobbo wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Nice Room...but

Only average can I give Caesar's because of several factors. First, the sound, click and clatter of a normal poker room is completely absent here. It is set in a ballroom for cash games and another set up for tournaments. However, even with 10 cash games going, it is as quiet as a morgue. Eerily quiet. Since the ballroom is situated away from the action areas of the casino, there is no spillover noise. They need BACKGROUND MUSIC or something to give it a feel. High ceilings and plasma TVs could not give it a good feel. Its furnishings are no where as nice as Wynn or The Venetian. The Mirage beats this place hands down.

NO TOURNAMENT CLOCK in the main cash game room where the 12PM tournaments are held. Players could not see the time, players remainings, average stack size, etc. which toher rooms have and is a fine feature to tournament players. They do have this in the second ballroom where the evening 7PM tournaments are held. So players had to continually ask the floor for such info.

I played the 12PM tournaments on three afternoons and, although I cashed on one day, I thought the players were rather tough.

The dealers had varying rules and the enforcement of them in the tournaments. For example, bets across the the betting line may be counted or not depending on the dealer. Some forced the bet and others did not. Some explained the betting line rules in detail while others did not.

Cocktail service was great--and they serve Red Bull in cans! Drinks came rapidly...and they serve food tableside--but the menu is rather expensive. No where as pretty as the Playboy molels at the Wynn.

Perhaps these were new floor personnal, but they did not seem to be very "customer service" oriented. Maybe it was just the negative vibes I was getting, but they were not very good.

First, Caesar's wouldn't give Player's Club comps for tournaments play. Otherwise it's $1/hour. It won't go very far when the food menu is so expensive. And the poker room rate is HIGH.

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