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Classic wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Rake Raised to $5

Huge, beautiful room. I went there on a Saturday at 8pm and saw six cash games and seven tournament tables. That left 50 tables, 80% of the room, empty.

Mix of fishy tourists and sharks.

Mostly competent dealers who make few mistakes.

No premium liquor, no Red Bull. Lousy, slow, unfriendly service.

The food service is from a cafe about 1/4 mile from the poker room. If you're playing at night you may as well order breakfast.

The rake is now 10% up to $5 on 1/3 NL plus the jackpot drop which makes $6 plus a tip coming off the table per hand if there's a $50 pot. Several Harrah's properties have raised the rake and noticed a serious reduction in poker room traffic but Caesar's did it anyway. The reason given for not giving premium drinks was to keep the rake at $4. What's their excuse now?

The jackpot drop of $1 per hand is the biggest ripoff in Vegas with only $100 given for hitting quads or $500 for a Royal Flush. The bulk of the jackpot drop finances the many (two dozen?) givaway $10,000 seats to the Main Event of the Caesar's Classic in October.

The floor staff is young and inexperienced, probably because they're the worst paid in Vegas including Fremont Street.

The room is dying because of bad drink service, uneven floor calls, too much juice on the tournaments and just not caring about the players. Now that the customer base has dropped to near zero they raise the rake. What could they possibly be thinking?

The slogan of the room should be, "Pay Extra to be Treated Like Garbage by Incompetents."


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