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Pokerplayer52 wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

Does not compare to Vegas Encore…

I was so unimpressed by this Encore property compared to the Vegas Encore propert & poker room.
The tournament was loaded with soft playing, hating, degen regs towards each other & target unsuspecting normal people coming in to have a go at playing a tournament. You can spot these regs a mile a way bc they talk loud to intimidate people, get passed off easily when they lose & just generally look like a degenerative gambler who has not seen the light of day for many years.
The cash games are much of the same…basically calling with anything to try for that long shot hand to come in and when they hit it they get all happy for about 1 minute and start to lose it all back again, just like a true degenerate poker player who has never learned how the game is really played.
If you like Playing with a bunch of degenerates and wanna be poker players who think they are good but have never played a WSOP tournament in their life because they only have enough money to buy in short $60-$100 for 1-3 then this is the place for you! Hope you like being around hateful @#$% off players who give off a general gross vibe.
Their was one degen reg who turned over his hand after the river card but before the guy on the button acted and claimed he did not know he was in the hand bc he could not see his cards…but the guy on the button called the preflop bet, flop bet and turn bet and was clearly in the hand and did not act yet after it checked to him, he bet with the other guys hand exposed and the degen reg started complaining that he did not know the guy on the button was in the hand and got @#$% at the other player like it was his fault…pay attention to betting you loser, he called every street….the degen kept saying it’s a simple statement and not hard to understand, I could not see his cards…whatever, nobody gives a crap that you can not see or remember who is in the hand, that’s part of the game, your mistake, own up to it instead of trying to intimidate the other player for playing correctly…. I played for three weeks in Vegas and did not have ONE problem playing hundreds of hours of tournaments & cash games, I play ten hours here in Boston and get yelled at & intimidated by degen regs who are just miserable…place is just hateful & has a bad vibe.

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BAD BEAT JACKPOT $105,009.01

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