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Robbydog wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

FANTASTIC 1 - 2 No Limit MONEY MAKING ROOM... (Wonderful Promotion)...

Room has Definition... Easily Recognized... Can see the Big POKER Sign across the Casino when coming down the escalators from Mandalay Bay... And people walk right by when walking in from Excalibur. Clean Tables & Chip, etc. 10-MAN TABLES... Mean more free hands for you blind money & less chances of games breaking up... Added BRAVO System recently. Overall in Top Shape !!!

Hardly any pressure from Local Fishermen recently... Full of TOURISTS & OCCASSIONAL PLAYERS... Just Right for Making MONEY !!! Really hard to find any other places in Las Vegas this Easy on a dailey basis... ONE OF THE BEST Things about the LUXOR Room !!!

I find Many Absolutely Great Dealers here. They work together well, also. Each has their own Niche. You really need to witness my favorite... Jeff... How smooth & effortlessly he quides the table. Many others just as great in their own ways... not enough room of course to talk about each one separately. FANTASTIC GROUP !!! Bar None...

The Cocktail waitresses are wonderful. They talk to you. They come from just across the way, so there's usually little time to wait. Never had a bad drink to complain about in any way. If I did, I would excuse them after all this time of being so Perfect !!!

This Room has The TOP in Management as evidenced by the rising improvement from the "Old Days" rumored reputations of the past. They have been responsible in spending Thousands of Dollars on New Systems & Amazing Creative Promotions to bring in More Players, new & old alike. If you have an old image in your mind, FORGET ABOUT IT... And experience the NOW !!! It's for REAL... This couldn't be happening without keen planning & execution.

UNBEATABLE PROMOTIONS... Put the Jackpot Drops right back in your stack in a Big Way !!! They don't water down our jackpot dollars by spending it for sharks & grinders on Free-Rolls, plus No Bad Beat Jackpots that we never would get. They SAVE UP ALL THAT MONEY and Give it Out in the HIGH HAND HYSTERIA where you can win up to $599 on QUADs and MUCH MORE !!! Take my word for it... And TOURISTS & OCCASSIONAL PLAYERS are at No Disadvantage in These Promotions. Once you try it you can be the judge from there. I cannot say enough so I hope you get the picture. When you See it You're Going To Believe It Because it's True !!! And did I mention They Double the Jackpot Amounts sometimes like when they have football games sometimes. Could you Image Getting like $1,198.00 for like Quad Sevens?

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diver wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV


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