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unfriendlyskies wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Tuesday Night Visit

Meh...definitely a couple steps down from MGM and several steps down from Bellagio/Venetian/etc. It's fine, just fine, but there's nothing special or notable about it. No electronic waitlist or comps, but with only one 1/2NLHE and one 2/4LHE game running, plus the tournament, you don't need that stuff do you?

I can't speak for what Saturday night would be like, but my table was full of tough, experienced players, mostly young guys with a lot of online experience (though a couple didn't look like they'd played live much). I thought it was a fun group, but the few inexperienced players we had were getting totally run over.

Overall the dealers were pretty good - no complaints. None of them had a ton of personality, but personally I prefer a dealer that just deals the cards and keeps the game moving.

We saw our waitress pretty infrequently, and even then, with only two tables running, you still had to really flag her down. Drinks were pretty slow to be delivered.

The management managed to run two cash games simultaneously without the poker room collapsing into a black hole.

Upon asking after a 10+ hour session, I got two $5 off VIP line passes for the buffet, so we'll call it "average" (which is to say "lousy" but where are the comps that great anyway?).

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